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Sun and Sand -Beach Vacation on America’s West Coast

Since the beach movies of the early Fifties, teenaged boys have gravitated to the left coast, waxing surfboards and strumming their guitars around the campfire. For their part, girls have followed, bikinis hiding less and less as they turn themselves a golden brown as they watch their surfer boys take to the waves. The beach blanket myth continued when Barbie got her convertible and had little girls growing up dreaming about the Malibu lifestyle. Teen soap operas such as “Beverly Hills 90210” and “The OC” have since helped preserve the beach house lifestyle ideal for TV watching teens the world…

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Pacific Beach – San Diego California

San Diego California is renowned for its beaches, and relaxed tranquility. Keeping this in mind it’s hard to travel to San Diego without going to, at least, one beach. The single thing that would make for a better visit is finding a place to stay in San Diego that’s right on the beach. This article will be focusing on hotels in Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach hotels. For many companies and hotel’s one of the most important aspects is location, location, location. The Dana on Mission Bay is the place for an unforgettable stay in San Diego. With a photo-perfect…

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Cheap Vacation Rentals – The City Of Southern California: San Diego

The city of southern California, San Diego is locally known as ‘America’s Finest City’. It’s situated on San Diego Bay, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean near the Mexican border. San Diego is the second biggest city in California and the seventh largest in the United States. It is in addition nicknamed as ‘America’s biggest small town’. The beautiful city of San Diego ca is recognized for its wide choice of cuisines, expensive shopping malls, excellent architecture, museums, San Diego Zoo and animal parks. San Diego is in addition dubbed as ‘The Plymouth of West’. It features a scenic coastline…

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California: More Than A Beach Vacation

What makes California one of the best vacation spots in the world? Is it the beaches? Is it the weather? How about the many theme parks? Or maybe it is the beautiful scenery? Try all of the above! There is something for everyone in California. Whether you want a relaxing vacation with no cares or worries, or if you just want to have plain old fun, California has you covered! One of the biggest Californian attractions is the beaches. Covering well over one thousand miles, these beaches are situated on California’s western coastline. Hugging the Pacific Ocean, California’s beaches vary…

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Beach Vacation – Huntington Beach California

One of the best getaways for a beach vacation in California is sunny Huntington Beach. With many diverse sports like surfing, biking, boating, skateboarding, fishing, golf, tennis, and beach volleyball – everyone can get into the game and look for something to take pleasure from. Possibly even after the sun crashes, you’ll discover something to do on Huntington Beach. Still the briefest of family beach vacations to Huntington Beach will need to incorporate a visit to the International Surfing Museum, where some of the treasured surfing artifacts are stored. Other attractions perfect for Huntington Beach include the Huntington Beach art…

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