Packing for your Beach Holiday

You've cut the picture out of the brochure and stuck it on the fridge. The airline tickets have been purchased and the hotel booked. You're all set for your beach holiday. All you need to do now is pack your bags, but where to begin?

The following is a short checklist with a few things to think about as you get your suitcase ready for some fun in the sun.

Vacation time is a good time to overhaul your wardrobe. Heading to the beach is the perfect opportunity to replace that old swimsuit you bought for your last holiday a few years ago. Styles have changed, and do you really want your beach vacation pictures to show you in a chlorine faded swimsuit with a sagging elastic waistband? Treat yourself. A new swimsuit will do wonders for your ego as you pose on the beach.

Playing in the sand all day on your beach vacation your skin is going to see a lot more sun than it's used to. Whether you are heading south in the dead of winter or simply leaving your cubicle for the day, your skin will need protecting from the sun's harmful rays.
When buying sunscreen for your beach vacation, buy with your family's skin type and planned activities in mind. If you have a fairer complexion, you will want to start off with a sunscreen with a higher SPF level at the beginning of your holiday, working your way to lower numbers as your skin adjusts. What you plan on doing is also important when selecting a sunscreen; with waterproof varieties needed for more active vacations that involve a lot of time in the pool or ocean.

Sand toys
Vacation time is also play time, and a beach holiday is no different. You will want to make sure you've packed toys specifically for the interests of all the kids in your family, big and small.
Little kids love to let their imaginations run wild as they build sand castles and dig complex city systems. A quick trip to the dollar store will provide you with everything you need for endless hours of creation at a very low cost.
The bigger kids will be more interested in both water and sand sports. Again, finding a cheap skateboard or volleyball set will provide you with hours of fun without worrying about ruining good equipment with water and sand.Not everybody is looking for a beach vacation full of volleyball and water sports. There are some who look forward to their beach vacation as a time to unwind in quiet solitude, a pile of books stacked beside their chaise-lounge. Remember that this is vacation time, so you will want to keep the reading material light. When making your reading list keep your own entertainment in mind and you will amaze yourself with how many novels you can get through in a week.

Evening wear
Even at the beach, the sun will eventually set. As hot as it is on the sand during the day, when the sun goes down, the breeze coming in off the water is refreshingly cool. You will want some long pants and sweaters to keep you warm at night. Plan ahead, packing both casual and more formal attire for different evening activities.
With some planning and forethought, you will be able to pack a suitcase perfect for your beach vacation.

Vacation At The Magnificent Beaches Of Prince Edward Island.

Warm up to the idea of a Prince Edward Island beach vacation this summer. On this Gentle Island you will discover the beach vacation of your dreams.

Here, every day brings a chance to walk hand in hand along miles and miles of sandy coastline, enjoying magical stretches of white, champagne, pink and red beaches. Every day brings a chance to dip your toe into the warmest ocean waters north of Virginia. And every evening offers the opportunity to savor the most amazing sunset you have ever seen; among the most memorable you are very likely to see, iridescent as it shimmers, dances and plays on the water before the sun settles itself, sinking below the horizon. Listen closely and you will swear you can almost hear the sizzle as it hits.

A beach vacation on Prince Edward Island consistently and effortlessly delivers on its promise of a sojourn imbued with relaxation and refreshment along the way. There’s nothing like watching the fishing boats off in the distance as the waves of the Atlantic lap at your feet as sea birds fly high overhead, soaring to the top of the red cliffs above, or diving down into the fresh ocean water and the bounty it offers.

For the more adventurous, inquisitive and active traveler, a guided tour may well be the perfect introduction to your relaxing Island beach vacation. It offers a chance to learn about the geology, flora and fauna in the area, and who better to learn from than an area native. Prince Edward Island may well be Canada's smallest province, but it is big on being the perfect respite for your soul. No need for chicken soup when you can have clam chowder and seafood, freshly caught from the ocean every day. Clam chowder made that much more hearty with an abundance of PEI potatoes in your bowl and cream or milk fresh from the myriad farms to be found on the island.

No matter what your beach vacation needs, wants or requirements, Prince Edward Island is more than happy to meet them, and then some. For couples, it is hard to find a more romantic setting than one of our beautiful and unique beaches and red-earth cliffs. Explore a treasure trove for nature lovers as seabirds soar high above. Have fun with the family clam digging. Or just spend a solitary moment walking along our shores. Our intimate Gentle Island is truly an oasis and a haven from the everyday world.

Discover the network of beaches that extends for miles across sand dunes, barrier islands, beaches, sandstone cliffs, wetlands and forest. Discover a diverse habitat, home to a wide variety of plant and wildlife, including the endangered Piping Plover. Learn about the Island’s ocean history that dates back thousands of years. Discover the simple joy of camping as nature intended, on any of 10 ocean-side campsites.

This summer, discover the beach vacation The Gentle Island has to offer. A week on Prince Edward Island will give you memories to last a lifetime.</p>