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Europe’s Beach Vacation

When you think of a European vacation, you dream of rolling vineyards and crumbling castles. When you think of a Beach vacation, you dream of sipping a rum-laced drink under a palm tree in the sand. Each of these is a very different kind of vacation. Each of these seems very distant from the other. When you stop to think about it, what could possibly be better than putting these two dream vacations together? With dramatic coast line on three sides, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea,  you are never too far from a European seaside playground.</p> Better…

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Sun and Sand -Beach Vacation on America’s West Coast

Since the beach movies of the early Fifties, teenaged boys have gravitated to the left coast, waxing surfboards and strumming their guitars around the campfire. For their part, girls have followed, bikinis hiding less and less as they turn themselves a golden brown as they watch their surfer boys take to the waves. The beach blanket myth continued when Barbie got her convertible and had little girls growing up dreaming about the Malibu lifestyle. Teen soap operas such as “Beverly Hills 90210” and “The OC” have since helped preserve the beach house lifestyle ideal for TV watching teens the world…

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