How To Make it through Your Family Beach Vacation Road Trip

I recall driving from Oregon to Utah every summer in a small old car. My mom would finish off the back seat with boxes and suitcases and put on the top a mattress. It must have been a crib size as it was a small 1940's Ford. That is where I rode during the LONG trip. We would play I spy games, sing and I would chatter until I am sure my mum was uneasy for the trip to be at its end. This was before freeways so we traveled through every little poe-dunk town and around every river bend so it took extended that it does today. But kids still are kids and despite how far the destination, they wish to be there NOW.
As an expert home and workplace organizer I am always searching for ways to simplify and help the customers I work with. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had some driving tips that will make the time go faster, well if not faster in any case the tips will take a few of the pain out of long distant driving with kids in the car.
How to survive your family summer road trip
o Stop once in a while, even though it's just for a few minutes. Take a jump rope, a Frisbee or a soccer ball for exercise inanimate stops. If you don't accommodate these, let them just run around on the grass, but be sure to keep your eye on them.
o Pack a bag or backpack for each child with stickers, cards, books, hand-held games and activity books.
<p>o Pack some special "surprises"; for the sons and daughters, and dole them out every now and then. It'll give them something to await.
<p>o A tired kid is a cranky kid. So take pillows and a blanket so they can snooze when they have had enough.
<p>o If they will all be watching the video player (except, of course, the driver), you might consider purchasing a car cassette adapter that provides "surround sound" if not, individual headphones are a good idea. And don't rule out books on tape. Libraries provide books on tapes. Mothers and fathers that use a video player love that their kids are entertained and they don't have to hear them whine and ask,"Are we there yet".
o Remember the snacks, but avoid anything too salty or sugary. Bring back the memories of the paper towels and wipes for easy clean up.
The final matter you would like to take place is to have the car give out. Make certain your car is road-ready. Check the air in the tires, add wiper fluid, and be certain to have a flashlight and a first-aid kit alongside the luggage.
A few weeks before you commence to pack make up a packing list and have it on your computer. Every time you think of something you require to take jot it down. When it is time to pack, print and give a copy to each member of the family that packs for on their own and they can check off each item as they pack it. Save the list for the next time you travel and add to it if you learn you forgot something on this trip.</p