Why You Should Take A Beach Vacation?

Being a marriage and family counselor, I give out a wide variety of counsel to families and an even wider variety of suggestions for methods to re-prioritize their family life above other things. I was recently meeting with a family that is within the middle of a big family crisis. Lots of things are going wrong and they are far from being whole and healed, but one of my initial suggestions to them surprised them virtually as much as it surprised me. I suggested that they plan a beach vacation as soon as feasible and that they get away as an whole family.

In truth, I had never suggested to clients that they get away on a beach vacation just before. In reality, it had never entered my mind until that day just how critical it is that families have time together away from the typical routines of life. I have had the privilege of vacationing with my husband and kids yearly for as lengthy as I can keep in mind, yet for some reason I had never thought to suggest this remedy to other people. I guess I was perhaps assuming that all families took time for beach vacations.

One of the reasons I suggested that this specific family get away on a beach vacation was that one of their most severe problems hinged on the fact that the father of the family, loving as he was, was a workaholic. He spent nearly eighty hours working every week and hence his wife and youngsters felt incredibly neglected by him. He was under the impression that they had been thankful for his provision, which they had been, but even a lot more than provision his loved ones wanted his attention and affection. So I suggested that he take two weeks off from work and that the entire family of six go on a beach vacation.

When you think about it, a beach vacation is good due to the fact it gets you away from the routines of life. There's no want to talk on cell phones, check emails, or be running here and there each and every evening to attend meetings or events. A beach vacation is the ideal getaway for couples and families that want to relax and be un-distracted in time together. They can invest days on end merely enjoying the beach, the water, and lazy time together. There is maybe nothing as therapeutic for a family than extended time together. This family took my advice and scheduled a beach vacation to Mexico just weeks after our appointment. They returned from their two week beach vacation and were full of laughter and a sense of re-connection. They told me that they planned to take a two week beach vacation every year because of how fantastic it had been for them.

Packing for your Beach Holiday

You've cut the picture out of the brochure and stuck it on the fridge. The airline tickets have been purchased and the hotel booked. You're all set for your beach holiday. All you need to do now is pack your bags, but where to begin?

The following is a short checklist with a few things to think about as you get your suitcase ready for some fun in the sun.

Vacation time is a good time to overhaul your wardrobe. Heading to the beach is the perfect opportunity to replace that old swimsuit you bought for your last holiday a few years ago. Styles have changed, and do you really want your beach vacation pictures to show you in a chlorine faded swimsuit with a sagging elastic waistband? Treat yourself. A new swimsuit will do wonders for your ego as you pose on the beach.

Playing in the sand all day on your beach vacation your skin is going to see a lot more sun than it's used to. Whether you are heading south in the dead of winter or simply leaving your cubicle for the day, your skin will need protecting from the sun's harmful rays.
When buying sunscreen for your beach vacation, buy with your family's skin type and planned activities in mind. If you have a fairer complexion, you will want to start off with a sunscreen with a higher SPF level at the beginning of your holiday, working your way to lower numbers as your skin adjusts. What you plan on doing is also important when selecting a sunscreen; with waterproof varieties needed for more active vacations that involve a lot of time in the pool or ocean.

Sand toys
Vacation time is also play time, and a beach holiday is no different. You will want to make sure you've packed toys specifically for the interests of all the kids in your family, big and small.
Little kids love to let their imaginations run wild as they build sand castles and dig complex city systems. A quick trip to the dollar store will provide you with everything you need for endless hours of creation at a very low cost.
The bigger kids will be more interested in both water and sand sports. Again, finding a cheap skateboard or volleyball set will provide you with hours of fun without worrying about ruining good equipment with water and sand.Not everybody is looking for a beach vacation full of volleyball and water sports. There are some who look forward to their beach vacation as a time to unwind in quiet solitude, a pile of books stacked beside their chaise-lounge. Remember that this is vacation time, so you will want to keep the reading material light. When making your reading list keep your own entertainment in mind and you will amaze yourself with how many novels you can get through in a week.

Evening wear
Even at the beach, the sun will eventually set. As hot as it is on the sand during the day, when the sun goes down, the breeze coming in off the water is refreshingly cool. You will want some long pants and sweaters to keep you warm at night. Plan ahead, packing both casual and more formal attire for different evening activities.
With some planning and forethought, you will be able to pack a suitcase perfect for your beach vacation.

How To Make it through Your Family Beach Vacation Road Trip

I recall driving from Oregon to Utah every summer in a small old car. My mom would finish off the back seat with boxes and suitcases and put on the top a mattress. It must have been a crib size as it was a small 1940's Ford. That is where I rode during the LONG trip. We would play I spy games, sing and I would chatter until I am sure my mum was uneasy for the trip to be at its end. This was before freeways so we traveled through every little poe-dunk town and around every river bend so it took extended that it does today. But kids still are kids and despite how far the destination, they wish to be there NOW.
As an expert home and workplace organizer I am always searching for ways to simplify and help the customers I work with. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had some driving tips that will make the time go faster, well if not faster in any case the tips will take a few of the pain out of long distant driving with kids in the car.
How to survive your family summer road trip
o Stop once in a while, even though it's just for a few minutes. Take a jump rope, a Frisbee or a soccer ball for exercise inanimate stops. If you don't accommodate these, let them just run around on the grass, but be sure to keep your eye on them.
o Pack a bag or backpack for each child with stickers, cards, books, hand-held games and activity books.
<p>o Pack some special "surprises"; for the sons and daughters, and dole them out every now and then. It'll give them something to await.
<p>o A tired kid is a cranky kid. So take pillows and a blanket so they can snooze when they have had enough.
<p>o If they will all be watching the video player (except, of course, the driver), you might consider purchasing a car cassette adapter that provides "surround sound" if not, individual headphones are a good idea. And don't rule out books on tape. Libraries provide books on tapes. Mothers and fathers that use a video player love that their kids are entertained and they don't have to hear them whine and ask,"Are we there yet".
o Remember the snacks, but avoid anything too salty or sugary. Bring back the memories of the paper towels and wipes for easy clean up.
The final matter you would like to take place is to have the car give out. Make certain your car is road-ready. Check the air in the tires, add wiper fluid, and be certain to have a flashlight and a first-aid kit alongside the luggage.
A few weeks before you commence to pack make up a packing list and have it on your computer. Every time you think of something you require to take jot it down. When it is time to pack, print and give a copy to each member of the family that packs for on their own and they can check off each item as they pack it. Save the list for the next time you travel and add to it if you learn you forgot something on this trip.</p

Tips To Plan Your Meals While Enjoying A Beach Vacation

I love my family and I love it when they can visit for an extended time period. A few years ago, my family and my brother's family started getting together at the beach in North Carolina for seven days. We rent a condo, and just enjoy the place. It has been such a great time! I am the one who loves cooking (and eating), so that is where I have a tendency to focus my efforts. In recent times, I have discovered the fundamental thing is to plan ahead so that I am in a position to spend time with them, and not merely focus on food - although that is one of my favorite matters in life!

So, here are some tips that have worked well for us, and made the trip a little more prepared and stress-free. You have all the usual things you have to take on the beach, like wine, soda, water, toiletries, tissues, paper towels, foil, napkins, etc., so simply make a master list of those things, and determine which you are prepared to purchase at home and take, and those that you want to purchase at the beach grocery stores.

But, let us focus on the meal.
First, I make a listing of the menus that would be enjoyed by the group for the nights we'll be cooking, and fasting at a eating place. And, since the sun takes so much out of you, do bear in mind the appetizers and the dessert! Breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Let us start with breakfasts.</p>
<p>I usually take a couple of breakfast casserole and coffee cake or muffin recipes along that can be made there. Also, think about cereals, juices and bagels. It all relies on the preferences of the group. Oh, and do bear in mind the coffee!

Lunches are ordinarily sub sandwiches, tacos, pasta salad, nachos, and peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese sandwiches for the little ones. Most lunch ingredients are purchased at the beach, but we can make the beef for tacos and pasta salad ahead. The beef can be frozen.</p>
<p>Now on to dinners. We're discussing appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts. We go out about half of the nights to a restaurant, so 3 to 4 will be spent having dinner at the apartment, which we will have to prepare - although we have ordered pizza shipping regularly for a meal.</p>

Because this is always a beach vacation for us, we trust in buying and preparing at any rate one seafood meal. I usually purchase shrimp and scallops and deep fry them with the local breading. Next, pasta and meatballs is invariably a hit for those huge appetites we build from a long day on the beach. We can prepare meatballs and pasta sauce ahead and freeze them. I also bake a few baguettes and freeze as well. Another idea is to make grilled teriyaki chicken breasts. If there is a fourth dinner, we usually decide to have seafood while we can get it fresh. Our group favorite is shrimp. For this meal, I would normally make some steamed shrimp as well as fried. The local fish markets usually have some great cocktail sauce as well, unless you make some of your own that you would opt.

So, out of 7 days at the beach, here's what sample dinner menus may look like:
Dinner #1
Assorted cheeses, crackers, and artichoke cheese dip with crackers and broccoli, cauliflower and red bell peppers
Pasta with sauce and meatballs
Garlic bread
No bake strawberry cheesecake
Dinner #2
Warm chili con queso dip and salsa with chips
Deep fried shrimp and scallops with cocktail sauce
Steamed broccoli
Milk chocolate pie
Dinner #3
Warm Mustard Dill Gouda in pastry with crackers, salsa and chips
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Breasts
Saute with Mixed Vegetables
French Bread
Leftover desserts from the prior meals
Dinner #4
Leftover appetizers from previous dinners
Steamed and Fried Shrimp with cocktail sauce
Steamed Green Beans
Ice Cream with hot fudge sauce
The chief thing is to be well prepared and prepare about what you will make. Then, it is easy to work out what you can achieve ahead and what you will need to prepare while there. The more you can have completed prior to the trip means more time to just relax, and less headaches when you are on holiday.

It is also critical to make sure that you take those items that you are aware of you or your loved ones will need to have during the trip, and may not be around at the beach. For instance, your favorite coffee or cheeses. Dependent on your menu, you may commit to take some of your personal cookware, cutlery, etc. You never know what the apartment or rental property will have stocked in the kitchen.

I hope these tips will help you in planning your trip. I will add a few recipes in future articles that I have mentioned here, nevertheless, there are many versions available. Take into consideration that you are searching for quick, easy and yummy recipes to cut down the time in the kitchen.</p>
<p>We have planned ahead like this for earlier times two years, and it only leaves determining where and which nights you are going to dinner to consider. But you can agonize over those decisions while you are hanging out on the beach or in the pool!