Your Packing List For Beach Vacation

Preparing a summer beach vacation? One thing you have to keep in mind is that your packing list will depend on whether you are going to cold regions or warm regions. There are a great deal of possibilities in as much as what coast and where on it you will travel, but your beach vacation packing will have to change depending on the temperature where you're going.

Your Packing List Foe Beach Vacation:
Paperwork and necessities for the road trip:
Any sort of identification paper, car insurance and health insurance.
- Maps and directions to the beach destinations.</p>
- Travel Airline Tickets and passports if you are going to international territory.
- If you are planning to take a road trip using your car, it is recommended to have a GPS system if it is not available in your car, you can also use one from your phone. You should become familiar with using the gps system before going on the trip.
- Paperwork related to your hotel reservations and whatever you have booked for your trip.</p>
- Check up of your car, extra spare tire, flash lights, emergency kits, batteries an chargers for your cell phones and cameras.
- Your camera for taking photos of this memorable event, new batteries for your equipment.
- Prescription drugs that you need to have with you. Pain killers, acid reflux and what could be needed for minor health troubles.
- clothes that is suited for different settings, a blouse can be added to your clothes that can be used for a cocktail party, another blouse can be suitable for an evening dinner without the need to carry a heavy load of clothes. Clothes for sleepwear, underwear and socks.
<p>- Shoes: walking shoes, shoes that can be used anywhere and are comfortable, flip flops for the beach</p>
<p>- If you are heading to a tropical area, it is recommended that you have rain ponchos and umbrella, for cold areas you will need some jackets and heavier clothes, blankets etc.</p>
- Make-up and toiletries, tooth paste and brushes travel packs. Hair combs and brushes.
- Towels if not provided by your hotel. If traveling by air, it could be subject to extra flying charges, so you have to determine, if it is worthwhile to bring it with you or buy them when you arrive at your destination.
Items needed while spending time on the beach
- One or more sun umbrellas unless you realize that every beach you'll be visiting offers rentals. In spite of how much sunscreen you slather on, it's rarely enough for an entire day in the sun and playing in the waves, so sitting in the shade of your umbrella can really come into their own.
- Large beach bag with lip balm with sunscreen, sunscreen of all SPF's, napkins, and cash for concession stands. Put some hair elastics in the bag for anyone with long hair so that they can pull it back when it's hot or windy (or both).
-Lots of reading - books, magazines, and newspapers. This is a trip where you really get an opportunity to read (assuming you're into reading).
-MP3 players with headphones/Earbuds.
Disposable cameras. Never bring your digital camera (or laptop) to the beach since the salt air will gum all the parts up and destroy it.
Inflatable toys/mattresses and boogie panels for playing in the waves. Other beach games are also great to bring along.